rahims retail

All your home shopping, all in one place, and all at great low prices!

Household shopping isn't about spending time; it's about getting everything you need, as quick and as easily as possible. Saving some time money leaves you with the luxury of really enjoying your time out.

Our stores have everything you need:

  • Halal Butchers, serving fresh meat, chicken and fish
  • Fresh Fruit & Veg, sourced daily, both local and International, through Bangladesh and Europe.
  • Herbs & Spices, from well-established traditional household brands to our own 'direct from source' selections.
  • Frozen Products – covering comprehensive range of items, leaving nothing to spare
  • Pickles & Pastes, to make your rival chef envy your cooking.
  • General Household Goods, which include packaging and cleaning products

See our Products section for a full list of food items.