Open all day, every day, for over 30 years

rahims new store registerMany of our much loved ingredients were left behind in our distant memories when we arrived here in the UK. Longing for the food we left behind in the Indian region our journey to find routes to import these products started, and before long we opened our doors to the public in 80s.

Our first store was launched in East London, at the heart of the Bangladeshi community. The hard working ethics of the Bangladeshi community meant we had to be open and available for business for long hours, every single day. We pride ourselves to have been open from 9am-9pm, 365 days a year, ever since the opening in the 80s.

Although the 80s was a time of uncertainty and hardship, there came a glimmer of hope - Indian Restaurants were becoming increasingly popular and on its way to becoming the UK's largest ethnic business sector. Never forgetting why we started up, we continued to provide retail services, but then added a specialist department – WHOLESALE. We became the UK's first Bangladeshi owned cash and carry supplying caterers around the country, and now across Europe.

Today, our presence in the ethnic cash and carry sector speaks for itself. There isn't a single reputable caterer that wouldn't know our name. Our retail departments have evolved. We have added to our products - We now provide non-ethnic general consumer goods at our stores, providing the best products and services, all at the best prices.

The 'Rahim Brothers' were amongst the first generation of Bangladeshis in UK. It was later handed over to the second generation of family members in the 80s. Today, a new generation is amongst us, the third generation – a generation of new ideas.

We are now 'Rahims'. Leaders in pioneering the UK's ethnic cash and carry sector; hundreds have followed suite.