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Product Description Quantity Add
Classic Chicken
Crown Pollo Chicken 10kg
Duck Breast 10kg Box
Duck Breast 5kg Box
Duke Chicken 10kg
Fine Brand Boneless Mutton Box
Fine Brand Boneless Mutton Pc
Frozen Mutton Box
Frozen Mutton Pc
Ibco Chicken
King Pollo Chicken 10kg
Lamb Shank
Lilly Chicken
Long Cut Lamb Leg Pc
Long Cut Leg of Lamb Box
Marky Chicken 10kg
Murghee Master 10KG
Rohim LL Chicken
Sadia 10kg Chicken
Sadia 15kg Chicken
Short Cut Leg Bone-in Box
Short Cut Leg Bone-in Pc
Super Pollo Chicken 10kg
Tandoori Chicken 10X1100G
Tandoori Chicken 10X1200G
V. CooP Chicken 10kg